Quartz is a widely used material for countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms. One of its main strengths is that fabricators can produce a wide range of solutions. There are plenty of competing options in the construction and remodeling industry, and you might wonder if custom-fabricated quartz is right for your project. Here are five reasons why many customers pick fabricated quartz.

Seamless Designs

Suppose you want to install a countertop in a kitchen. However, you don't want any seams. Using natural materials, it's hard to create a seamless piece. Likewise, the common solution using natural materials is to cut a seam and then try to match the pattern at the edges as closely as possible. Especially if you have a highly visible countertop, this looks bad.

Conversely, custom quartz kitchen countertop fabricators can produce seamless designs. Even if you need a gigantic countertop, they can fashion a slab that'll fit perfectly into your kitchen. Also, they can shape it to even the weirdest angles.

Color Options

Modern fabrication techniques allow companies to create quartz countertops in nearly any color. Perhaps you want a shade of pink that doesn't occur in nature for your bathroom. With the right mixture, a custom quartz bathroom countertop fabrication business can typically get the exact color you want.


It is also possible to mimic the pattern of other materials. Perhaps you had your heart set on marble countertops in your kitchen. However, the budget or even the simple size of the slab wouldn't work with natural materials. Using custom quartz kitchen countertop fabrication, a contractor can achieve the marble look in a more cost-effective design. Whatever pattern you want, there's a good chance a fabricator can match it.

Durability and Low-Maintenance

People frequently abuse their homes' countertops. Particularly if you have kids, they're not going to go easy when they put down plates in the kitchen or the hair dryer in the bathroom. Natural materials frequently crack or stain due to hard strikes or chemical exposure.

You probably want a good-looking bathroom with a countertop that's durable and low-maintenance. Fortunately, a team of custom quartz bathroom countertop fabricators can provide a solution. You won't have to wonder whether the countertop will survive the next time your teenager spills hair dye, for example.

Unique Shapes

Finally, fabrication is excellent for jobs that require unique shapes. While a long curve is possible with natural stone, the waste level is high. Manufacturers charge for wasted materials. Fabricators, though, can make something like an oval countertop for an island with nearly no waste. For more information on custom quartz kitchen countertop fabrication, contact a professional near you.