Whether you are looking to add a touch of color to your space or simply like how soothing it feels to watch fish swim around an aquarium, you probably have settled on purchasing tropical fish for your home. Unlike their native counterparts, tropical fish are renowned for their bursts of color that easily work to create a focal point wherever you choose to install the tank.

The main drawback that they pose, though, is that tropical fish come with a premium price tag. So if you do not want your money to go down the drain, you must familiarise yourself with the care that they require to mitigate the threat of them dying prematurely. To help you with that, check out the following principal measures to take to prolong the lifespan of tropical aquarium fish.

Take extra care of the water

Changing out the aquarium water monthly will not cut it if you are looking to keep your tropical fish for the long term. Rather, there are specific measures that you would need to dedicate yourself to if the water will be optimum for the survival of your tropical fish. To begin with, the water in the aquarium needs to be replenished every few weeks. Thus, rather than dump out all the water and add fresh water, you take out about a quarter of the current water and replace it, as this helps with maintaining the environment while still providing the tropical fish with clean water.

Secondly, never use tap water for your tropical fish aquarium. Since tropical fish are highly sensitive to chemicals, it is important that you exclusively fill the tank with filtered water. Lastly, remove debris, such as fish waste and uneaten fish food, from the water every other day so that it does not get the time to contaminate the aquarium and adversely affect your fish.

Enhance oxygen levels in the aquarium

You could be thinking that your fish only need food to survive when the truth of the matter is they rely on oxygen to stay alive. And the only way they can access this oxygen is once it has dissolved in the aquarium's water. Thus, to ensure that your tropical fish do not have a limited supply of air, it is advisable to enhance the oxygen levels in the aquarium as much as you can.

Sticking to a defined schedule for replacing the water is an easy way of doing this, as the clean water will replenish the oxygen levels in the tank. Another measure that you can consider is buying air stones that work to release oxygen bubbles into the aquarium water. Be wary of signs such as strained breathing and inactivity from your tropical fish, as these would indicate that they are in distress.

For more information on how to care for tropical aquarium fish, contact a professional near you.