Window shades come in a range of styles, from formal to casual and fun. The ones you choose must match your home's decor, but they should also work well with your maintenance, operation, privacy, and lighting expectations. 

Maintenance Expectations

Maintenance depends greatly on the material of the shade. Fabric shades will require regular vacuuming to prevent them from becoming dusty and grimy. You may also need to spot clean them occasionally, especially if you have children or pets that touch the shades. Vinyl and plasticized shades can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. They are stain-resistant and may be a better choice if you are worried about little fingerprints or muddy paws. 

Operation Preferences

There are many different operation styles for interior shades. The simplest have a pull cord, but this can be a strangulation hazard for small children and pets. There are also safety cord styles, which have the cord secured so it doesn't pose a hazard. You may prefer to bypass the cord completely, though. In this case, opt for motorized shades that can be raised and lowered with a switch. You can even find some that can be operated by an app or linked to a smart home system. 

Privacy Requirements

Will privacy be important in the room with the window? For example, you probably want more privacy in a bedroom than you do in a dining or living room. When full privacy is required, opt for opaque shades that can't be seen through at all when closed. For moderate privacy, translucent shades hide details but shadows may still show through. Sheer shades are another option if privacy is of no concern.

Lighting Needs

What type of lighting do you want in the room? Light-blocking shades are often preferred in bedrooms so that they are dark and cozy when you are trying to sleep. In other areas of the home, you may prefer shades that allow in some natural light even when they are closed. There are also shades available that allow in light while providing moderate privacy, such as double-layer shades with a sheer and opaque layer that can be opened independently. Top-down shades are another option, as these can be opened along the top, above the line of sight, to allow in light at the top while providing privacy where people sit and move around. 

Contact an interior window shades company to learn more about all of the options that are available.