The chimney is a part of your fireplace that you may give little consideration to. However, it is among the most important parts of your fireplace due to it allowing the smokes and fumes from the fire to vent out of the home's interior. To keep the chimney working effectively, consider retaining a professional chimney service to oversee this work for you.

Removing Soot From The Chimney

Over time, large amounts of soot and residue can start to gather inside the chimney. These substances will have to be removed from the chimney if you are to allow the smoke and fumes from the fire to easily vent out of the building. Due to the difficulties of cleaning the interior of the chimney, a professional chimney service is a necessary expense for this particular type of maintenance. These services use long cleaning poles to scrub the interior length of the chimney's interior so that all of the soot and residue from over the years are removed.

Replacing The Interior Lining Of The Chimney

The interior lining of the chimney is one of the parts of the chimney that may experience some of the most intense wear. The soot from the fire can be fairly acidic, which can gradually eat away at the interior lining. Once the lining develops cracks, replacing it may be necessary to protect the interior of the home from further damage. Replacing the lining of your chimney is a major undertaking, but it is possible for a professional chimney service to complete this in as little as a day or two. However, it may be several days before you are able to use the fireplace again as the adhesive that holds the chimney lining in place will need time to fully bond to the lining, and the heat from the fire could interfere with this process.

Installing And Removing Chimney Caps

Chimney caps can substantially reduce the amount of debris that enters the chimney. Also, these caps can help to keep pests out of the chimney during the winter months when they may be looking for shelter from the cold. While these caps can be extremely useful for protecting your chimney and fireplace, they can be difficult to install and remove from the chimney. Individuals that are not able or comfortable with climbing on the roof may not be able to reach the chimney to manage these accessories. Fortunately, applying chimney caps is one of the most affordable services that chimney contractors are able to offer their clients while still offering sizable protections and benefits.

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