When you remodel your kitchen, the end result should be as attractive as it is functional.  To that end, many homeowners choose a specific décor style, such as French country, to outfit their kitchen. Indeed, French country is an especially attractive style for the kitchen because it's both chic homey.

Granite is an ideal material for any kitchen countertop. Find out how to choose a granite countertop that will complement your French country kitchen.

Granite Color

As with any kitchen, the French country model lends itself to a number of color schemes. French blue, white, gray, and eggshell are common colors interior designers use for the style.

Granite comes in versions of white, gray, and light beige, which presents as eggshell. Many designers like to use white or light beige countertops in the French country kitchen. If your kitchen is small, look toward especially light slabs to keep the airy appeal in your room.

Granite Patterning

French country kitchens carry with them an ages-old charm. Homeowners usually keep the bones of the kitchen, such as the cabinetry and countertops, for decades, if not generations. They invest in quality materials that stand up well to the test of time. Natural stone such as granite and marble are ideal to that end.

While marble is a beautiful, high-end option, the relatively soft stone requires specific upkeep. So, if you fancy the look of marble, look at granite with marbled patterning. Such slabs often imitate marble for the same chic appearance. Otherwise, look at attractive speckled patterns that add warmth and visual interest.

Granite Finish

As noted, French country kitchens carry a generational appeal. As The Spruce points out, many designers add rustic elements when they're creating a new French country kitchen. They'll often opt for distressed finishes in cabinetry and even fixtures.

Naturally, you don't want brand new countertops that look distressed. However, you can get a similar appearance with a honed or brushed finish. Neither finishing method is glossy, so you get that ages-old feel without the distressing.

Granite Edging

Being French, the French country kitchen often features ornamentation. You often see this ornamentation in the cabinetry and other woodworking in the kitchen. Designers also choose ornate fixtures.

If you want to kick up the ornamentation in your own French kitchen, consider different edging styles for the granite. Stone suppliers will usually have a portfolio with edges they can apply to your slab. Look for one of the more ornate options, such as ogee or waterfall.

Let new kitchen granite countertops provide the centerpiece of your French country kitchen.