When you install drapes over one of the windows in your home, it's common to have the bottom edges of them either just grazing the floor or perhaps actually sitting on the floor. Generally, this isn't a problem, and as long as you like the look of how the drapes hang, you can leave them as is. However, there are some scenarios in which you'll want to shorten your drapes. For the short term, you can simply pin them up a few inches off the floor. In the long term, you'll want to take them to a sewing professional who can shorten and hem them or you can buy new drapes. Here are some scenarios in which you should consider shortening your drapes.

They Attract Pets

If you have pets in your home, you need to be aware of how these furry family members interact with the drapes. A mischievous cat might scratch its claws on the bottom of the drapes, resulting in scratch marks and even punctures. Rabbits, meanwhile, might chew on the bottom of the drapes out of boredom. In either scenario, you'd end up with drapes that could be visibly damaged, compromising how they look in the room. Shortening the drapes so that they're not in the way of your pets can be a good move.

You Have Young Children

You may also want to entertain the idea of shortening your drapes if you have young children. As children start to walk and run around the house, they're often less than smooth on their feet. This can mean that a child ends up stepping on the bottoms of the drapes. On its own, this might not seem like a major concern, but if a child's feet were to get tangled in the drapes, two serious issues could transpire. The child could trip and hurt himself or herself, while also pulling the drapes and maybe even their hanging rod off the wall. Shortening the drapes can help you to avoid such problems.

Your House Isn't Always Spotless

If you honestly can admit that your house isn't always clean, it may be time to think about shortening your drapes. If they're long enough that they drag on the floor, and your floor often has dust, hair, lint, and more on it, the drapes can easily pick up this mess. This means that when you clean your home, you not only have to clean the floor, but you may also have to vacuum the bottoms of the drapes. Shortening the drapes just enough to keep them from sitting on the floor can prevent this time-consuming issue.

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