If you're having issues with your current heating system, you may want to consider the advantages of baseboard heating. While baseboard heating is an "older" technology, there are still some reasons why it can be beneficial.

Baseboard Heating Doesn't Require Duct Work

Baseboard heating is easy to install in older homes. It's affordable to install, as well: you just install the heaters themselves, without having to run ducts. If your home's ducts are old (or don't even exist), baseboard heating will often be a more economical option. If your home is old enough to be considered "historic," baseboard heating may be the only realistic option.

Baseboard Heating Can Be More Efficient in Some Circumstances

Forced air heating is by far the more efficient way to heat a whole home. But baseboard heating usually isn't used to heat an entire home. Instead, baseboard heating is used to heat a room at a time. If you find that you rarely need heating or that you only need to partially heat your home, baseboard heating is going to be more energy-efficient, overall.

Baseboard Heating is Cheaper to Install

A forced air system can cost tens of thousands of dollars to install. Baseboard heating can be installed in specific areas of the home and can be installed with minimal disruption, making the entire process much more affordable.

Baseboard Heating Can Be Used as a Supplement

Some people install both forced air heaters and also baseboard heaters. Forced air heaters are used when necessary, but baseboard heaters are used when heating the entire home would be too much, such as during particularly cold nights when only the bedrooms need to be warmed.

Baseboard Heating is Easy to Repair and Maintain

Because baseboard heating only requires a simple, electronic device, it can be repaired, replaced, and maintained very easily. Forced air systems are a little more complex, needing more active cleaning, maintenance, and the help of a professional, to repair. While baseboard heating should rarely be used as a primary method of heating a home, it can absolutely be used as an effective supplement to an existing forced air system. Baseboard heating is also a great choice, if you only need to heat your home rarely or if you only need to heat a couple of your rooms frequently.

Baseboard heating technology has changed somewhat, as well, and there are new, energy-efficient options, such as hydroponic heaters. Your local residential heating company can tell you more.