It's important to always be thinking about what changes for the better may be necessary in your office, and that includes how the space is set up. A workplace can have many different types of workstations, and it's possible that they're conducive to your staff and the type of work that they do or they may be less than ideal. The latter may be the case if you're leasing a furnished office space. Be on the lookout for a series of signs that might suggest that it's time to change your workstation setups. Here are three such signs.

Too Much Talking

You may like the idea of your staff members getting along and enjoying working together. However, you don't want them to be so social that chatting suddenly becomes the top priority over getting work done. One thing that you should do is to constantly be aware of how much talking is going on throughout the office. Listen for the overall content; work-related talk is OK, but conversations about families, current affairs, and other topics are less than ideal. If you're noticing too much talking and your workstations are too close together, it may be time to install dividers or create some space between the desks.

Excessive Congestion At The Copiers And Printers

Try to also notice the flow of employees around the photocopier and printers. If you have just one or two of these machines in a central location, and your staff members need to copy and print a lot, you may find that there's a logjam of people standing around. In such a scenario, you may want to re-evaluate how many copiers and printers you have. Printers, in particular, can be inexpensive to buy. If you have three or four employees grouped together in several locations throughout the office, you might wish to consider changing the workstation setup by placing a printer near each group.

More Walking Than Necessary

Employees can waste time throughout the day by walking more than they need to. For example, while it often makes sense to get up and go talk to a colleague rather than send an email or make a phone call, wasting several seconds walking and taking multiple trips can add up over the course of the workweek. Give some thought to how your workstations are set up in terms of locations. If different employees need to consult each other frequently, it's ideal if they're just a short walk away from each other.

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