Whether it's your local court house or something more prominent like the White House, government buildings tend to have similar design features. These designs represent a classic American design element and can be scaled down to create a unique design for a back deck or porch. The use of precast stone can create a durable design that is easy to maintain and lasts for years to come. As you are planning your backyard deck, there are four design elements you can use that are featured on numerous government buildings. Once you know about these design elements, you can select different sizes and materials to help fit within your budget.


One of the more distinct features on government buildings are the columns used on entrance ways and throughout the exterior of buildings. The White House is known for its distinct column design on the front entrance and you can have these same design elements applied to your back deck. Stone supply companies, such as Harristone Pre-Cast - Merrillstone Natural Stone Products - G. S. Harris Co., Inc., can provide various columns to help map out your back deck. A column can be used to create a natural perimeter around the deck and supply you with beautiful designs. A column can be placed on each corner of the back deck and then topped off with a trellis that provides shade and helps connect each of the column designs. Columns can be purchased in a lighter finish similar to white designs or in a darker finish based on your deck design options. Columns typically feature a smooth finish, but you can also purchase designs with engraved patterns or ornamental elements applied to them.


As you enter a number of government buildings, you may notice the large archways that are used as entry points. You can easily separate your backyard from the back deck by having a few archways installed. Stone archways can create a dramatic look that really stands out in your landscape design. The archways can stand on their own or blend into a stone finish on your house or the stone flooring of your deck. An archway can also be installed on the exterior exit of your home. An archway can be placed just outside of a backdoor, supplying a grand entrance each time you step out onto the deck.

Stone Spheres

Stair cases, pillars, and other walking areas of government buildings often feature large stone sphere designs to create a dramatic and symmetrical look to exterior areas. When designing your back deck, the spheres are a great way to mark certain areas and create an even looking design. The stone spheres can be placed on large stone pillars or stone urns. If you have a gate leading into the backyard area, then each side of the gate can feature a stone sphere design to create an elegant and symmetrical look. When choosing spheres, it's important to select sizes that scale well to your backyard design. The spheres create an aesthetic design that blends well with brick or other stone pillars used in your backyard.


Add a personal and artistic touch to your backyard with the installation of stone medallion designs. Precast medallions come in a number of different styles and are a great way to add a vintage touch to your back deck. Government buildings often use medallion designs like eagles and people to showcase different themes and imagery that represents their institutions. As you plan your back deck design, there are a number of nature-inspired medallions to choose from. You can select animal designs, nature designs like flowers, or a more modern and abstract design filled with three-dimensional shapes. The medallions can be infused into a brick building or added to another stone product like a column.

Contact stone supply companies to browse through galleries and see the different options. Using pictures of government buildings can help you select similar products that will work for your own home.